Gluten and Misc FAQ's

Q. Do you have a gluten free menu?

A. Yes. Nearly everything on our menu is gluten free. There are only a handful of items that contain gluten: the brioche, whole wheat, bao, and white buns, kimchi and ssemjang. All other products are gluten free.

Q. Do you offer gluten free alternatives to regular buns?

A. Yes. We carry UDI gluten free buns. Also, any burger can be made into a salad or served in a lettuce wrap.

Q. Do you prepare gluten free buns on the same toaster/surface as the regular buns?

A. No. We toast gluten free buns on a separate tray and in a separate broiler. 

Q. Do you have any gluten free sides?

A. Yes. All our sides (onion rings, asparagus fries, French fries, and fried eggplant) are gluten free. We use only rice flour and chickpea flour.

Q. Are your chicken tenders and wings gluten free?

A. Yes. We use rice flour on our wings and tenders.

Q. Do you have designated fryers for gluten free items?

A. All fried items are gluten free and are cooked in gluten free canola oil.

Q. How do you prevent cross contamination?

A. We do not carry wheat flour in our restaurant. Gluten free burgers are prepared on separate surfaces. Our chefs put on fresh disposable gloves when preparing gluten free burgers.

Q. Are your milkshakes and Bethany Bars gluten free?

A. Yes.

Q. Are your milkshakes made with real ice cream?

A. Yes.

Q. Do you have dairy free ice cream?

A. No.

Q. Do you serve halal meat?

A. Yes. Our beef, lamb, turkey and chicken are all sourced from a halal certified vendor.

Q. Are you a halal restaurant?

A. No. We are not a halal restaurant. We sell bacon and alcohol

Q. Do you cook bacon on separate surface?

A. Yes. We cook bacon on separate surface.