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Extra Sides of our House-Made Sauces

Feeling Saucy? Add a few of your favorites or try something new. All of our sauces are made in house and our Ranch, Blue Cheese, and Honey Mustard are made by Newman's Own.

Pineapple Jerk Sauce (Sweet then very spicy) $0.99OG Mumbo Sauce (sweet and tangy) $0.99Traditional Wing Sauce (Mild) $0.99Salsa Verde (Med spicy green sauce) $0.99Firecracker Wing Sauce (Medium to Hot Wing Sauce) $0.99Bengali Hot - Mama's recipe from Bangladesh! (bold flavors, med - hot spice) $0.99Avocado Ranch Sauce $0.99House Made Saffron Yogurt (great for dipping, smooth and creamy) $0.99Ranch Dressing $0.25Newman's Own Blue Cheese Dressing $0.99Newman's Own Honey Mustard Dressing $0.99House Made Tzatziki $0.99House MadeTahini $0.99House Made Hummus $0.99Avocado Ranch Sauce +$0.99Tzatziki +$0.99Mumbo Tartar Sauce +$0.99Hummus +$0.99Tahini +$0.99Cream Cheese +$0.99Grilled Mushrooms +$0.99Kimchi +$0.99Grilled Eggplant +$0.99Saffron Yogurt +$1Cheddar Cheese +$1Gruyere Cheese +$1Halloumi Cheese +$1Fried Egg +$1Bacon +$1Gluten-Free Bun +$1Make Any Burger a Salad +$2Extra Ranch Dressing +$0.99Extra Blue Cheese Dressing +$0.99Extra Honey Dijon Dressing +$0.99Extra Balsamic Vinaigrette +$0.99Extra Side Salsa Verde +$0.99Traditional Mild Wing Sauce +$0.99Firecracker Wing Sauce +$0.99Bengali Hot Wing Sauce +$0.99
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